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Please note change of venue to
Mecumstraße 10, 40223 Düsseldorf (Bilk)
Room 208 or 209, 2nd floor

This red brick building, formerly used by Barmer, is near the bus stop “Feuerbachstraße” on the bus routes 780, 782 and 785, which go from Heinrich-Heine-Allee towards Erkrath, Solingen or Langenfeld. It is 350 metres’ walk (5 minutes) along Fruchtstraße from the metro and tram stop “Karolingerplatz”. From the mainline station, take tram 704 to Karolingerplatz.
Limited parking might be possible along Feuerbachstraße.

Meetings start at 16:30. The building closes at 18:30 on Saturday evenings. Therefore our meetings start one hour earlier than previously.

Belfast Girls

Friday, 15 March 2024, 14:30h

A historical drama by Jaki McCarrick

Premiered in London in 2011, the play is set in 1850 when five young women seek to escape the famine in Ireland aboard a ship bound for Australia. As they sail toward the promise of new lives in Sydney, they struggle to leave their pasts behind.

Please note: This is a Matinée performance specially for the ESC with prices below the normal public price. It is also NOT a VHS cooperation event, and is NOT in Saal 1 of the VHS venue (WBZ).

Transport: 5 minutes’ walk from the metro station, Ronsdorfer Straße, which is 3 stops (4 minutes) beyond the main station on the U75 line.
Cross the road to the left and walk 100 metres along Ronsdorfer Straße.


Ronsdorfer Straße 77a, 40233 Düsseldorf


To cover our costs we charge the following fees:

  • Guest: 15 €
  • Member: 13.50 €
  • Student: 13.50 €
  • Group (minimum 10 persons) per person: 13.50 €