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Please note change of venue to
Mecumstraße 10, 40223 Düsseldorf (Bilk)
Room 208 or 209, 2nd floor

This red brick building, formerly used by Barmer, is near the bus stop “Feuerbachstraße” on the bus routes 780, 782 and 785, which go from Heinrich-Heine-Allee towards Erkrath, Solingen or Langenfeld. It is 350 metres’ walk (5 minutes) along Fruchtstraße from the metro and tram stop “Karolingerplatz”. From the mainline station, take tram 704 to Karolingerplatz.
Limited parking might be possible along Feuerbachstraße.

Meetings start at 16:30. The building closes at 18:30 on Saturday evenings. Therefore our meetings start one hour earlier than previously.

Autumn 2023 newsletter

At club meetings, pick up a drink at our drinks table from 16:15 and stop for a chat before the talk.

These are our next events:
  • Choose your voice, change your life

    Saturday, 23 September 2023, 16:30h

    The good news is that every voice can be improved.

    Singer, songwriter and voice coach Pamela Falcon gives us an insight into how voices can be developed and tells us how it all started for her.

    New VHS facilities,
    Mecumstraße 10, 40223 Düsseldorf

  • The Hanoverians

    Saturday, 28 October 2023, 16:30h

    In 1714, the search for a successor to the (childless) Queen Anne resulted in Georg Ludwig of Hanover unexpectedly becoming King George I of Great Britain. Mark Wilkins will tell us the story of how George (who found changing his name much easier than learning the English language) founded a dynasty which reigned for nearly 200 years.

    Along the way we will take in a king who hated the country with a passion, another who (really) hated his son, the king who fathered ten illegitimate children – but also great advances in music, culture and Britain's role in the world.

    New VHS facilities,
    Mecumstraße 10, 40223 Düsseldorf

  • Polari – a secret language of the past?

    Saturday, 11 November 2023, 16:30h

    “How bona to vada your old eke again!” may have been heard in the streets of London up until the 1970s – and may be overheard again now.

    Polari, an old secret language used by gay men during times of homophobic legislation and societal disapproval, is making a comeback as a marker of queer cultural history. Dr Michael Heinze will give you the history and show you the significance of knowing your ‘lallies’ from your ‘letties’.

    New VHS facilities,
    Mecumstraße 10, 40223 Düsseldorf

  • ‘Pygmalion’ by George Bernard Shaw

    Friday, 17 November 2023, 19:00h

    Basis of the musical ‘My Fair Lady’, performed by White Horse Theatre.

    The flower girl Eliza takes elocution lessons from the language professor and convinced bachelor Henry Higgins. He bets with a friend, Colonel Pickering, that he could pass the flower girl off as a duchess within six months, merely by teaching her to speak properly. Does Higgins win his bet? What becomes of Eliza?

    In cooperation with the International Education Centre of the VHS Düsseldorf ‘Die Brücke’

    WBZ (Weiterbildungszentrum der VHS), Saal 1,
    Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 1, 40227 Düsseldorf

  • Annual General Meeting

    Saturday, 09 December 2023, 16:30h

    All are welcome at the brief AGM (voting by members only), then:-

    (at 17:00h) songs by the a cappella group ‘Mundlandung’.

    New VHS facilities,
    Mecumstraße 10, 40223 Düsseldorf