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IMPORTANT: Due to the current virus outbreak all ESC events are suspended until further notice!

Update, July 13:

We hope you are all keeping well and coping with the unpredictability of Covid-19!

  1. Summer Outing

    Our next scheduled event is the Summer Outing: a visit to Kempen, with a 90-minute English guided tour at 2pm, followed by a café visit, on Saturday, 22nd August.

    The guide can only accept 9 people, with face masks and social distancing.

    Public Transport: Düsseldorf Hbf 13:09 platform 5, the RE10 travels to Kempen (once an hour) arriving 13:44. A 5-minute walk, straight down Thomasstraße and left into Burgstraße, takes us to the starting point: museum at the former Franziskanerkloster at Burgstraße 19.

    The café is “Café am Ring Amberg” (Vorster Straße 2) which has an enormous selection of cakes – but currently closes at 17:00.

    The hourly train back is at 17:15 (18:15, etc).

    If you would like to come, please let Susan know by email or phone after 17th August, and provide your postal address and phone number, as we have to give these to the guide and to the café, for Corona-tracking.

  2. Autumn programme

    We hope to issue the autumn programme in the second half of August, as the level of restrictions at the VHS may be clearer by then.

    If the autumn meetings do go ahead, these are the dates we are proposing: 12th and 26th September, 31st October, 28th November, 12th December (AGM), with the theatre on Friday, 13th November.

    The numbers of participants will probably still be restricted, but paid-up members will be given priority. And we suggest you bring with you any water you need to meetings this autumn.

  3. Money matters

    If the autumn programme goes ahead, we will propose at the AGM that this year’s paid-up members, who want to be members in 2021 too, get a discount next year of 7.50 €. If the autumn should be disrupted by a second wave, then we will adapt this plan again.

    Some of you are still owed money back for the cancelled theatre evening, Oliver. It would help if you could bring your tickets to the next event, otherwise we will ask you to sign a receipt for our book-keeping.

Keep well and hope to see you soon,

The Committee
English Speakers’ Circle

Please stay tuned and check here for new information.

Here is an overview of the events that accompanied the Annual General Meetings of the English Speakers' Circle, starting at December 2007:

  • 07 December 2019:
    Shanties and sea-songs by Shanty Choir Rheingold of Hilden.
  • 08 December 2018:
    Entertainment by Miss Harmony𝄞, the Erkrath-based, female, 4-part a-cappella singing group.
  • 09 December 2017:
    A programme of short sketches, songs and Christmas readings by The Rose Theatre Group of the Lutherkirche Düsseldorf, Theatre Kekse of Köln/Wuppertal and special guests.
  • 10 December 2016:
    A programme of gospel singing by the Spiritual Voices group from Ötzenrath.
  • 12 December 2015:
    A programme of unaccompanied arrangements of songs old and new by the Düsseldorf group Jazz-Line.
  • 13 December 2014:
    ‘BergischVoices’ from Wuppertal entertain us with a seasonal programme.
  • 14 December 2013:
    Some typical British sketches, songs and monologues by Terry Swainbank and friends.
  • 08 December 2012:
    A musical entertainment by Julia Coulmas, soprano, and Michael Carleton, piano.
  • 10 December 2011:
    Enjoy an entertainment by the Rose Theatre project of the Lutherkirche Youth Club, arranged by Alison Schatz.
  • 11 December 2010:
    DUESSHARMONIE, Düsseldorf's first male, close-harmony Barbershop choir, returns to us after 5 years with a new programme.
  • 12 December 2009:
    A theatrical entertainment by the English Theatre Club, senior students of the St Ursula Gymnasium.
  • 13 December 2008:
    Nadia Birkenstock – An unforgettable evening with Celtic Harp and gentle song!
  • 08 December 2007:
    A Theatrical and Musical Entertainment performed by the Rose Theatre Project, a youth group (ages 10 to 15) based at the Luther Church.